Which Metal Roofs Are Appropriate For My House?

There is a growing trend to replace old shingle roofs with metal roofing among San Diego homeowners nowadays. There are several reasons why, but one of the largest is that they are just easier to maintain. Once they change to metal roofs, homeowners will no longer have to deal with pesky shingle replacements occasionally as a result of wind or storm attacks or simply sun ray damage. Shingles often don’t offer sufficient value to reach the needs of today’s homeowners. 

Metal roofs, on the contrary, yield much higher weather resistance and a much longer lifespan. Plus, they are more eco-friendly compared to shingle roofs. And you have plenty of metal shades and styles to choose from. From their attractive looks to various price levels for all budgets, metal roofing makes you be under control. 

If you wish to find out more about using a metal roof for your house, you can always contact trusted metal roofing contractors like Gen819 Roofing San Diego for an estimate or more information. First of all, let’s take a look at the two common kinds of metal roofs: “standing seam: and “exposed/fastened”

Metal Roofs With Exposed Fastener

Roofs with exposed fasteners include overlaying panels that are secured right to the roof’s bed or lining through the facet of the metal layer. This kind is classified as “exposed” because the closure head is visibly exposed after installation. Don’t stress--they still look great as the closure heads are the same shade as the roofing layers to blend in seamlessly. Usually, exposed closure panels have a width of 36” which translated to fewer panels needed and less tedious work to finish the project. Eventually, exposed fastener platforms are the most cost-efficient form of metal roofing.

While the product class is referred to as “exposed fastener panels” there are various forms or styles under the same category. Each offers significant value for money but different aesthetic results.

Max Rib is a low-profile fastener panel that matches most home structures. Check out the “Max-Rib Ultra'' which includes a “Galvalume” mix with Kynar 500 layer. This the panel of choice for San Diego residential roofs and any construction where owners care about the quality and chronic functionality of their roofing.

Shielded Fastener Metal Roofing Panels

If you don’t like seeing the screens in exposed fastener panels, there are a few alternative options with notable benefits. The most common option is standing seam roofing systems. In-home applications, the commonly used panel choice is set-up by adding a screw through a concealed clip or pre-hit flange and then securing it to the underlying deck. The next panel just snaps over the previous one.

Another sub-category of options involves the usage of a mechanism to physically merge the panels during the set-up phase. This type is often known as “mechanically seamed”. While these types of panels offer greater strength and wind-resistance power compared to snap-together kinds, they are more costly compared to metal roofing and so they are frequently used in areas that are often exposed to harsh coastal or mountain weather elements e.g hurricanes.

Independent of the panel type and installation method, standing seam roofs enable panels to stretch with fluctuating temperatures, helping increase their lifespan and result in less deterioration on the roof deck compared to exposed fastener types.

Meridian. These panels are aesthetically pleasing because they have no clips and attach by easily placing a screw through a pre-hit flange (in place of a clip), making their application super fast and affordable. The next panel simply attaches on the top to conceal the seam between the flange and the screw.

 Instaloc is an ideal option for property owners who are looking for a more cost-efficient option to Meridian flange types, as they involve the use of clips instead of a flange.

138T & 238T.
 These metal roofing systems are considered to be symmetrical/balanced standing seam systems and offer several perks e.g patented fix solutions and the sector’s top method to resume existing metal or asphalt shingle roofs. Fixing a roof instead of getting a new one will save you plenty of cash and time and will offer extra perks in terms of energy costs and duration. Plus, they will not end up in a landfill.

With several roofing choices on offer nowadays, any house can look pleasing with metal roofing. San Diego homeowners, besides the vast choice of shades available, can also choose between various styles. If a vertical seam panel that stretches from the bottom to the top isn’t the best choice for you, you can go for something that mimics the look of shingles, cedar, slate, and tile roofs. There are just so many options to choose from when you consider getting a new metal roof.


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